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19 December 2019


It's been a busy year for our health and medical researchers. From our own research into diet, climate and vaccination to expert commentary on sports doping, measles and bushfires.
18 December 2019


Mary and Neveah Taouk suffer from a disorder so rare it has no name. Now, thanks to new research and a crowdfunding push, the sisters and their parents have a glimpse of hope.
17 December 2019


Three research papers featuring University of Sydney academics - on the 'insect apocalypse', the birthplace of modern humans and the global climate emergency - have been ranked among the world's most influential scientific studies for 2019.
17 December 2019


The NSW Government has announced $25 million to fund a facility at Westmead that will give patients with genetic diseases, cancers and viral infections across Australia faster access to ground-breaking trial therapies.
12 December 2019


Philanthropists Barry and Joy Lambert have been recognised with Honorary Fellowships by the University of Sydney for their pioneering collaboration on the establishment of the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics.
11 December 2019


Researchers are looking for people aged 60 and over to participate in a research study exploring the impact of different types of exercise on brain health in older people with early thinking or memory problems.
11 December 2019


The University of Sydney has provided $10.5 million to create a bioengineering facility "that brings together excellence in research and teaching in service of better health outcomes for us all."
10 December 2019


Researchers from the University of Sydney have received more than $41 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to improve the health of Australians.
09 December 2019


Experts from the University of Sydney are calling for public awareness on the dangers of ingesting essential oils following an increase in calls to the poisons hotline, with children most affected.
27 November 2019


Tackling mental health and substance use in young people, the Matilda Centre bridges the gaps between research, government and the community to address one of Australia's biggest health problems.
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